Tearing Down a Beaver Dam

Beaver dams are fascinating to look at, but they can also create problems. If there is a beaver dam located on your property, you may need to tear it down. However, this is easier said than done. Removing a New York beaver dam is a delicate matter, and if it is done incorrectly, it could lead to serious problems like flooding and erosion. This project should mostly be taken on by Rochester professionals, but it is possible for an amateur to handle it with the right tools and knowledge. Read below to find out about some different approaches you can take to removing a beaver dam.

Removing the dam quickly can create a rapid enough flow to destroy other dams that are located downstream; this in turn can cause erosion, which is negative to the environment. In the winter the removal of a dam could annihilate a number of New York species that live in the frozen ponds to survive the winter.

Blasting dams is relatively dangerous. One must be a specialist. There are also New York legal considerations to attend to. Hand removal is slower but safer. You will cut 6-inch notches that will slowly release the water. With a shovel and rake you will remove parts of the dam.

All measures must be taken to not remove a dam on the downstream side. This can cause a failure of catastrophic proportions. The water flow can be so fast it can lead to a loss of life. Using grappling hooks is much safer than entering a culvert and attempting to dismount by hand. Since culverts are so dangerous, be sure that any method you might employ is done at a safe distance. Removing a Rochester beaver dam can be done successfully; however, there are many conditions to take into consideration. Removing a beaver dam is a very challenging project that can have some very serious implications.

As you can tell from the methods described above, this task requires the proper tools and a clear plan for execution. You cannot simply just go in and start dismantling the dam. If you are not confident about using one of the methods described above, you can contact a New York professional with the proper experience, knowledge and tools to help you with the project. In this way you can avoid any unintended consequences such as flooding or disrupting other Rochester beaver dams further along the way.

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