The Black Rat Snake

The Rochester black rat snake is native to western and some central regions of the United States. The snake is completely black in colour except for a white colour chin. The snake is also referred to as Western rat snake. It is a non-venomous species of New York snakes

The black rattle snake is characterized by its large body and its body length can extend to between 3 and 6 ft. The black rat snake is the largest snake found in the region of Canada, likewise it is regarded as the New York snake with the longest body in the entire North America region. The average adult black rat snake can weigh more than 2 pounds. The younger ones have different body patterns compared to the adult ones, the young ones do have some brown blotches located on gray background.

The darkening of the skin colour progresses rapidly as the Rochester snake grows and mature, and the snake is known to stretch after consuming a heavy meal.

Life cycle
Mating between adult males and females normally take place between May and June, with the adult male snake wrapping its tail around the female adult snake. The female can lay up to 20 eggs after mating and these hatch about 60 days after. The typical lifespan of the Rochester black rat snake is less than 8 years.

Black rat snake is predominantly found close to large trees and can hibernate in dens during winter seasons. The New York snake also lives temporarily close to aquatic regions , including streams, and ponds.

Black rat snake is known to suffocate its prey, though the snake can consume just any smaller vertebrate animal, its diet is predominantly made of frogs, lizards, voles, rats and mice. The snake is also known to consume eggs laid by other animals.

The Rochester black rat snake has an excellent tree climbing abilities, as it can climb the bark of large trees without the need for branches. Aside its climbing abilities, the snake is also an excellent swimmer. during the cold winter seasons, the snake hibernates in dens. Surprisingly, black rat snake can hibernate with other snakes such as the copperheads and the timber rattle snakes.

When this New York snake is not fully grown, it is widely predated upon, most especially by large birds. Large black rat snake is known to stand its ground and become aggressive when in face of danger. Its muscular coils give the snake its power to coil around small animals and kill them.

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